Future Heroes Awards

These awards are an exciting arts initiative based on an idea by Chris Harris, the former Chief Executive Officer for the Community Foundation for Calderdale. NOEL is grateful to the Gartland Family Trust and the CFFC for the financial support that makes this project possible. They are designed to encourage and nurture the talent and potential of Calderdale students who show particular musical promise and involve the sponsorship of individual students of secondary school age providing support and professional mentoring for their area of musical interest. This can take the form of specialist tuition, attending courses or concerts, an upgraded musical instrument, singing classes or whatever is most appropriate to that young person’s musical development and personal ambitions.

The Selection Process

NOEL contacts the music departments within Calderdale secondary schools with Future Heroes information at the end of the summer term. The music teachers then nominate pupils that show particular musical promise by passing on the application form that NOEL has provided. Once identified, John Pryce-Jones and relevant specialist musicians, in consultation with the students’ music teachers, will audition these students during the autumn term. Once chosen, a programme of benefits will be put together for each person.